FWP - New England IPA - 5.5%

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New England IPA fresh wort pack.  

This beer uses a combination of NZ malts and hops, namely Nectaron, Nelson Sauvin & Taiheke along with some US Amarillo and combined it packs a great flavour and aroma punch.  Extra juicy.

Very drinkable at 5.5%. This pack comes with 100grams of hops - 50g Nectaron and 50g Taiheke.

This comes with 1 x Mangrove Jack - Hophead Ale Yeast (Dried).

Just pour the cube contents into your sanitised fermentor, oxygenate the wort and pitch the yeast supplied. In 5 days add the extra hops we supply. 5 days later, bottle as you normally would. 

Full instructions are provided with the kit.